Bedding & Furniture

Boosting the comfort, stability and durability of bedding and furniture

Consumers want furniture with the best possible quality – at the sharpest price.  To meet their demands as to quality, comfort and durability, you need first-class raw materials. As a subsidiary of Latexco, an expert in bedding components, Latexco Solutions provides the furniture industry with rebonded foam that improves the durability of their bedding, sofas, chairs, etc.

Protecting and supporting bedding and furniture

Latexco has been manufacturing latex solutions for the bedding industry since the 60s of last century. It was obvious that we would re-use the recycled waste of Latexco’s latex and polyurethane production units as a new raw material for the bedding and furniture industries. Increasingly, also end-of-life mattresses and rubber waste of other sources are recycled into rebonded foam – a valuable resource to extend the lifetime of virgin foam materials. 

“Our rebonded foam ensures excellent seating and sleeping comfort and improves the durability of bedding, sofas, chairs, etc.”

Key benefits

  • Ensures excellent sleeping and seating comfort thanks to a relative high density
  • Ensures outstanding stability
  • Provides a firm, solid support base
  • Highly durable: helps extend the lifetime of virgin foam materials
  • Available in a range of dimensions and thicknesses and colors
  • 100% recycled material = exceptionally eco-friendly


  • Based on latex, polyurethane and/or rubber waste
  • Choose your density, thickness and dimensions:
    * Density range 60 - 300 kg/m³
    * Thickness range 1cm - 12cm
    * Dimensions up to 200cm length and 200cm width