Machinery & Transport

Protecting your machinery or goods from vibration with sustainable, utterly protective foams

Whether you are active in the machinery business or in transport, vibration damping is key in your business. In machinery, vibrations not only lead to annoying sounds, they also reduce the lifespan of industrial equipment or give rise to machines moving around. In transport, vibration damping helps protect even your most vulnerable goods – glass, furniture, etc. – against shocks during transport, handling and storage. Made from recycled materials that can be easily re-used, our solutions protect your goods to the max.

Flexible, yet robust

Whether you are looking for a material to secure glass, block metal bars or protect other goods during transport, our experts can provide you with a high-quality, customized foam packaging solution. Thanks to years of experience and deep-rooted knowhow, we can produce any packaging foam to suit your protection requirements, as well as the weight and dimensions of your goods – always with a focus on sustainability, i.e. recyclability and re-use. The same is true for our rebonded foams that have vibration damping properties.

“Our recycled packaging foam protects even your most vulnerable goods against vibrations and shocks during transport, handling and storage.”

Key benefits

  • Flexible yet robust: bends easily without tearing/breaking, making it ideal to protect vulnerable products.
  • Effective: shock absorbing and vibration damping 
  • Customized solutions, tailored to your needs 
  • Can be easily recycled and reused
  • Lower density than wood, which helps you cut CO2 emissions and transport costs
  • 100% recycled material = exceptionally eco-friendly


  • Based on latex, polyurethane and/or rubber waste
  • Choose your density, thickness and dimensions:
    * Density range 60 - 320 kg/m³
    * Thickness range 1cm - 12cm
    * Dimensions up to 200cm length and 180cm width